The mission of the Jefferson Township Fire Prevention Bureau is to make Jefferson Township a safer place to live, work and visit by protecting its residents and guests from the ravages of fire. We accomplish this by conducting life safety inspections of existing structures and new construction, developing proactive and diverse community education programs and maintaining an aggressive fire investigation program.

To apply for a tent permit, download and complete the application and return to the Jefferson Township Fire Prevention Bureau at 6767 Havens Corners Road between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  
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To apply for a burn permit, you must contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at  (614) 588-5880 48 hours prior to burning. Burn permits only apply to commercial, educational or community organizations. A permit is not required for personal, at home bonfires.
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Commercial and educational facilities in Jefferson Township are required to perform a fire watch when fire suppression or detection systems are not functional.
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Apply for a Certificate of Occupancy Permit when the business or owners name change, but the function remains the same.
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Fire Code Enforcement

The Fire Prevention Bureau of Jefferson Township is responsible for performing a number of activities mandated by Ohio Law or Administrative Code. The Prevention Bureau performs both plan review and field inspections to determine fire code compliance for all construction activities involving both new and existing structures in the Township, with the exception of detached one and two family dwellings. The Prevention Bureau also performs either scheduled or periodic fire safety inspections of all commercial and educational buildings, as well as child care facilities, foster care and home adoption in the Township. Fire Inspectors are certified through the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the State Fire Marshals' Office.

Additionally, the Bureau performs a number of related functions, including, reviewing development applications to determine that Fire Code and land Development Code requirements for fire department accessibility and water supply have been met. 
Fire Investigation

Trained fire investigators from the Jefferson Township Fire Prevention Bureau are responsible for providing a cause and origin investigation for all fires in Jefferson Township. All investigators are certified fire investigators. Investigators are on call 24-hours a day 365 days a year. Jefferson fire investigators are responsible for investigating all suspicious and non-suspicious fires where a cause cannot readily be determined by on scene personnel. This responsibility also includes fires resulting in injury and/or death. Jefferson fire investigators work closely with the Fire Marshal’s Office and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

The crime of arson is one of the most costly human-made disasters. Arson indirectly contributes to increased insurance premiums, higher medical costs, lost jobs, lost income, and the increased costs of fire services. If you have any information regarding any fire related crimes, please contact the Jefferson Township Fire Prevention Bureau 614-588-5880.

Public Education
The Prevention Bureau also develops and coordinates the department’s public education activities for fire prevention purposes.  The programs include offering programs to business, as well as all school age children from Kindergarten through 3rd grade, and a juvenile fire setter program specifically developed for high-risk children who have been identified as having set fires or have been involved in playing with fire. The Jefferson Township Fire Prevention Bureau educates over 1500 students per year.










Protect your Business or Home with a Knox Box

Property owners in Jefferson Township are encouraged to store entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security Knox-Box key boxes mounted near your building entrances. Each Knox-Box purchased is keyed to a single master key controlled by your fire department. With the Knox System, there is no cost to the fire department, no waiting for a property owner to unlock the door in the middle of the night, and no forcing the door open to gain entry. The Knox Rapid Entry System reduces response time, property damage and liability for lost keys. 

Calls for fire alarms, gas leaks, smoke, lightning strikes and the like can all be investigated safely and securely without the need for a business to incur personnel costs to staff a building around the clock or repair damage from forced entry. 

If you have a question about Knox Boxes or would like the Fire Department to assess whether your home or business would benefit from one, contact the Jefferson township Fire Prevention Bureau at 614-588-5880.