Rules and Regulations for Jefferson Township Parks
Park rules and regulations are reviewed and adopted on a yearly basis as part of the beginning of year Board of Trustees re-organizational meeting.

Please click to access a PDF version of the current rules and regulations.

Section 1. Purpose:

Jefferson Township parks are for the recreational enjoyment of the public, so that citizens may realize the health benefits from the outdoor environment while enjoying a variety of recreational opportunities. The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) adopts rules and regulations to ensure that visitors have a pleasant and rewarding outdoor experience.

Section 2. Hours of Operation:
A. Jefferson Township Parks will be open daily from 8:00 a.m. until sunset.

B. Except for activities approved by the Township, Parks are closed from sunset until 8:00 a.m. During such period, no person shall enter or remain in a Jefferson Township Park (“Park”).

Section 3. General Rules:
A. Vandalism. Defacement, destruction, removal or disturbance of any building, sign, equipment or natural vegetation within the parks is prohibited. Vandals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

B. Dumping. No person shall bring to, leave behind in, or dump any materials of any kind in, the parks except the refuse, ashes, garbage, and other materials of a picnic, camp, or other permitted activities. Such materials shall be deposited in receptacles provided.

C. Fires. Fires, other than in grills, fire rings or fireplaces, are prohibited. Any cooking apparatus using bottled propane and is not permitted inside any structure. Visitors must extinguish all fires before leaving the parks.

D. Amenities. Picnic tables, benches, and other park amenities shall be returned to their original location after use.

E. Wildlife and vegetation. Hunting, trapping, collecting or damaging wildlife and endangered or threatened species of vegetation is prohibited.
1. Feeding wildlife is prohibited.
2. Persons visiting the wooded areas must stay on the trails provided.

F. Fishing. Fishing is permitted, subject to state statutes, rules and regulations.

G. Snow and water activities.
1. Sledding is permitted.
2. Ice skating, swimming and wading are prohibited.

H. Pets. Dogs are permitted on a leash, in hand, and must be under the owner’s control. Failure to control pet will result in eviction of the owner from the park. Owners of pets shall be responsible for removal and proper disposal of droppings left by said animal. This section is in addition to Section 4. A.

I. Models and toys. Engine powered miniature models and toy airplanes, rockets, boats, cars, sirens and noise making devices are not permitted.

J. Alcoholic beverages. Consumption or carrying of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Possession of alcohol inside a township park is a misdemeanor offense.

K. Firearms and weapons. No unauthorized person shall carry or discharge firearms, air or gas guns, bows, crossbows, missile throwing objects, slingshots or any other weapons into the parks.

L. Musical equipment and instruments. No person shall operate musical equipment or instruments or generate noise or sound plainly audible at a distance of five hundred (500) feet, or the distance to another occupied shelter house, whichever is closer. Plainly audible means any noise or sound produced by any source that can be clearly heard by a person using normal hearing faculties. The restrictions shall not apply to noncommercial public speaking and public assembly activities and shall not apply to organized school-related programs, activities, or other public programs, activities or events authorized by the Board or its designated representative. Live entertainment must have prior approval from the Township Administrator or Chair of the Board.

M. Decorations. Decorations may be affixed only to Shelter House surfaces and only with tape. Use of confetti is prohibited. All decorations shall be removed prior to exiting the Park grounds.

N. Disclaimer of liability. Jefferson Township is not responsible for lost and/or damaged property, accidents, or injuries incurred while using the Township facilities.

O. Soliciting. Soliciting, sales and advertising are prohibited on Park grounds without written permission from the Board.

Section 4. Traffic:
A. Animals. No unauthorized person shall ride or bring into the parks any horse, mule, pony, burro, or jackass except on road entrances to parks or parking lots.

B. Motor vehicles. No person shall drive at a speed of more than 10 miles per hour on park roads. Motor vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles, or other motor propelled vehicles or wagons are not permitted in areas not specifically designated as "Parking Area." Any vehicle left in the parks after closing hours will be removed at the owner's expense.

Section 5. Camping and Special Events at the Jefferson Community Park only:
A. Non-profit organizations may camp overnight with authorization in writing by the Parks Coordinator. Application to camp or to promote or conduct a special event shall be made on a form promulgated by the Parks Coordinator.

B. No person or group shall promote any special event, public meeting, athletic event or other public activity without prior authorization in writing by the Parks Coordinator.

C. Camping Fees and Deposit.
1. A $50.00 refundable security deposit and a camp-out fee of $1.00 per person, per night will be applicable.
2. Fees above do not include shelter house use. The shelter houses may be rented and standard fees apply.

Section 6. Facility Rental Procedures, Fees and Regulations:
A. Facility Rentals. Park facilities, including shelter houses, are rented on a first-come, first served basis, and can be secured no more than one year prior to the rental date. Applicant/lessee must have the Facility Rental Permit completed and pay the rental fee to complete a reservation. Reservations are not complete until payments and forms are processed. Individuals may reserve a time slot online, or by contacting the Parks Coordinator. Facility Rental Permits are available at the Jefferson Township Office or online at

B. Fees and Deposits. Rental fees may be paid by cash, check, or money order payable to Jefferson Township.
1. Rental fees will not be refunded if an event is canceled due to inclement weather. Any cancellation more than 30 days prior to rental date will receive a full refund less a $10 administration fee. Any cancellation within 30 days of rental date will result in a loss of the rental fee in its entirety.
2. A $10 administration fee will be charged to change the date of a processed rental.
3. In order to receive the resident rate, the resident must complete and sign the facility rental permit and payment must come from the resident’s account. Some exceptions may apply for non-profit organizations.

Jefferson Community Park, Shelter Houses
Maple Leaf Shelter House – Resident $100.00 & Non-Resident $140.00.
Trillium Shelter House – Resident $60.00 & Non-Resident $80.00
Small Pines Shelter House – No charge; available first-come, first-served.

Jefferson Run Park, Shelter House
Shelter House – Resident $80.00 & Non-Resident $120.00

Olde Quarry Park, Shelter House
Shelter House – Resident $80.00 & Non-Resident $120.00

4. Cleaning. Renters must clean the facility prior to departure, leaving it in as good a condition as found, normal wear and tear excepted. The Township will bill renters for cleaning costs and any damages, normal wear and tear excepted. Bills unpaid after sixty (60) days will be referred to the Ohio Attorney General for collection.

C. Availability.
1. Shelter houses can be reserved in 4-hour increments from 12 to 4 p.m. or from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. from April 1 through November 30.
2. The shelter house at Jefferson Run Park can be reserved from 12 to 4 p.m. from June 7 through August 3.
3. During the months when sunset is prior to 8:30 p.m., the shelter house and park must be vacated at sunset.

Section 7. Enforcement: Any Township Trustee, Parks Board or staff member (“Township Representative”) is authorized to issue orders or directives to Parks visitors when, in the opinion of the Township Representative, any person in the Parks is not complying with rules and regulations or is participating in any activity that constitutes a hazard to himself or others or is in any way creating a nuisance or disturbing the peace. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the park.

Section 8. Violation:
Visitors shall observe all rules and regulations posted on the premises and provided with rental permits. Non-compliance with Park rules and regulations shall result in loss of deposit and/or ejection from the park. Any groups that abuse a facility or violate rules and regulations will be charged for damages and lose the opportunity to obtain future permits. Any exception to the rules and regulations must be obtained in writing from the Jefferson Township Board of Trustees.