road Maintenance
Click HERE for a map of planned 2017 maintenance

2017 Crack Seal - Click HERE for a PDF of the streets planned for crack sealing

2017 Resurfacing (mill/fill) - Below is a list of streets planned for mill/fill resurfacing
Howard Street
Headley Road
Jefferson Run Drive
Kennedy Road
Oxbox Drive
Shull Road
Skyland Court
Willowbrook Crossing Drive

2017 Flexible Asphalt - Below is a list of streets planned for overlay
Havens Road
McOwen Road
South Alley, Oak Street, Mill Street, and Center Alley off Taylor Station Road

Other Projects
Researching repair options for Windrush Lane 
Performing full depth patch repairs on Mann Road to prepare for possible resurfacing in 2018
Begin saving funds for the replacement of a 100+ year old box culvert under Mann Road - project estimated at $500,000

Click HERE for a map of 2016 maintenance

2016 Crack Seal - Click HERE for a PDF of the streets approved for crack sealing 

2016 Resurfacing (mill/fill) - Blacklick Ridge Boulevard – east of bridge to Streamwater Drive
Chateaugay Way – Havens Corners Road to Ubridled Way
Creek Hollow Road – Cobtail Way to Colts Neck Road
Fox Chase Drive
Fox Lake Drive  
Fox Hall Road  
Havens Road – Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road to Havens Court E
Kesegs Way
Shull Road - between corp. limits
Stonewyck Drive
Unbridled Way
Wyatt Way

2016 Flexible Asphalt Overlay
Havens Road - from Mann Road to Keltonhurst Drive (1/2 mile east of Mann Road)
Havens Road - from Waggoner Road to Dixon Road 

Ohio Public Works Grant Application - Jefferson Township's recent application for grant funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) to reconstruct Havens Road between Keltonhurst Drive and Reynodsburg-New Albany Road was not awarded.

Private Work in Road Rights-of-Way

Work on any Township Road requires a Right-of-Way Permit. Call the zoning office (614) 855-4265 to obtain a permit application or click to download a PDF version. This includes utility work and driveway approaches. Applications and standards for driveway approaches are available at the township office, 6545 Havens Road, and the Franklin County Engineer's Office, 970 Dublin Road, Columbus, Ohio 43215 (Telephone 614-525-3030).

Not sure if it’s a Township, County or City Road?
All roads in Jefferson Township are Township Roads except the following County Roads: Clark State Road, Havens Corners Road, Kitzmiller Road, Morse Road, Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road, Taylor Road, Taylor Station Road and Waggoner Road. To report questions or obtain information regarding these county roads, call the Franklin County Engineer’s Office at (614) 525-3030, or visit the County Engineer’s website

Maintenance is shared between Jefferson Township and Gahanna on portions of Headley Road, Shull Road and Clotts Road. Maintenance is shared on Dixon Road between Jefferson Township and the City of Pataskala. To determine if your property is in Jefferson Township or abuts a township road, call (614) 855-4265 or e-mail cmccroskey@jeffersontownship.org.

Contact Information

Joe Gerhart
Service Superintendent

Franklin County Engineer
24-Hour Road and Bridge Maintenance