About the 1996 Plan

In 1996, the Jefferson Township Board of Trustees adopted a comprehensive plan for the purpose of planning for future growth and development in the township. This document included both a text plan and a land use map. The text of Jefferson Township’s Comprehensive Plan is simple and straightforward, and our officials look most frequently to the land use map when considering new development.

The comprehensive plan allows Jefferson Township officials to promote and implement our Community Core Values, which call for Jefferson Township to be a “Green Community” with managed growth and large amounts of open space.

Using Jefferson Township’s conservation zoning category and the comprehensive plan, much of the township is being developed with a very "light touch" to preserve the rural character and natural beauty currently enjoyed by our residents. Open space is required in nearly all of Jefferson Township’s residential developments. In nearly every case, a minimum of 35% of each tract zoned in Jefferson Township since 1990 has been set aside as open space.

The plan is also a guide by which the Zoning Commission and Jefferson Township Trustees can determine if a request for rezoning to a specific land use fits within the overall vision for Jefferson Township as outlined by the comprehensive plan and map.

If the plan is followed, the Township Trustees will have one-third less population when it is completely built out (in 30 years or so) than it would if each tract were allowed to develop as it is currently zoned.



Comprehensive Plan Update

Why update the plan?
A Comprehensive Plan creates a long range vision of a community's future - building relationships among leaders, residents and businesses with the goal of maintaining a sustainable vision fiscally, socially and environmentally. An updated Comprehensive Plan will provide your elected officials with a document on which to base land use and long term development decisions in concert with the community's vision.

Jefferson Township's existing plan is almost 20 years old, and since that time, Jefferson Township has seen many changes. Traditional revenue sources have disappeared and the population, number of households and township road miles have all doubled. Not only does this mean that much of the existing plan may no longer apply, it means that over half of current township residents did not have the opportunity to be involved in the original plan.

How do I get involved? 
Township Planner, Mike Anderson, has been facilitating the planning process, and a draft comprehensive plan has been released. Visit the Jefferson Township 2050 page to learn more. We look forward to hosting future meetings as the planning progresses, to ensure maximum input from our residents and business owners. Everyone is encouraged to take ownership in your community and in its future. Meeting dates and times will be announced online and in future e-updates, so be sure to sign up. If you have any questions about the status of the planning project, or would like to get involved, contact Mike Anderson at manderson@jeffersontownship.org

Past Meetings
October 6, 2015 7PM - Public Safety Steering Committee

August 20, 2015 7PM - Infrastructure Steering Committee

July 23, 2015 7PM - Sustainability Steering Committee

May 18, 2015 7PM - Visioning Meeting III

April 23, 2015 7PM - Visioning Meeting II

March 12, 2015 7PM - Visioning Meeting I

June 24, 2014 7PM - Community Outreach Meeting

Contact Information

Mike Anderson
Development Director
(614) 304-0135