Jefferson Township 2050

In 2014, Jefferson Township began the process of writing a community-driven comprehensive plan that addresses the topics of land use, economic development, parks, roads, trails, and public safety. In 2018, drafts of the plan were presented and discussed at two public hearings held by the Jefferson Township Zoning Commission and Board of Trustees. The Township's new Comprehensive Plan, Jefferson Township 2050 was finalized and adopted by your Trustees on September 10, 2018.



What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a document that is designed to guide future actions of a community. It surveys current conditions and casts a vision for the future by setting goals and objectives to assist in decision-making. It provides a voice for the community and a direct link to the decision makers that have been entrusted with achieving the community's vision.

The Planning Process

The Board of Trustees of Jefferson Township hosted a Community Outreach Meeting on June 24, 2014 to kick off the process of drafting a comprehensive plan. At this meeting, residents were asked to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the township and identify issues that mattered the most to them. In general, the township’s greatest perceived assets were its natural/rural setting, appearance, overall safety, and variety of housing options. Participants were asked to create a wish list of priority improvements. An improved roads network, additional bike trails, and park improvements were at the top of the list, while crime prevention, road and sidewalk improvements and a community center were also mentioned.

Building upon the first public meeting, a series of Visioning Sessions were held to expand on these ideas. These Visioning Sessions included a visual preference survey, where participants were asked to indicate whether they thought a particular type of building, business, amenity, or community feature “belonged” in Jefferson Township. The Visioning Sessions also included some guided discussion on the current state of the township and the opportunities that lay ahead. In those meetings, it was established that there is room in Jefferson Township for a new variety of uses; specifically a main-street type commercial corridor development that might allow for outdoor dining, a coffee shop, or small retail establishments. Additionally, participants discussed the need to diversify the tax base in Jefferson Township and identified types of businesses that would suit the township well if they were located in strategic areas of the township. The topics discussed in the Jefferson Township Comprehensive Plan were borne out of these community-driven conversations about the future of Jefferson Township.

To discuss these elements further, three Steering Committees were formed to discuss Sustainability (Land use and Economic Development), Infrastructure (Parks, Roads, Trails), and Public Safety (Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement). The ideas and goals found in Jefferson Township 2050 are a result of hours of volunteered time invested by members of the Jefferson Township Community.

Contact Information

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Development Director
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