Economic Development

Franklin County offers several programs to promote business and workforce development in central Ohio.

The Jefferson Township Enterprise Zone provides potential tax abatement incentives on real property for commercial and industrial projects that create jobs.

More information on the Enterprise Zone and other programs available through Franklin County Economic Development & Planning, 150 S. Front St., Suite 10, Columbus, Ohio 43215, phone number 614-525-5631, website https://development.franklincountyohio.gov/.

Jefferson Township-Whitehall Joint Economic Development District (JEDD)

On December 23, 2019, The Board of Trustees of Jefferson Township resolved to establish a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) with the city of Whitehall to provide a source of funding for infrastructure improvements to promote and sustain commercial development along Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road in the area known as “Old Blacklick” or “Blacklick Station.” The arrangement between Jefferson Township and Whitehall allows for the collection of an income tax on a specific area of the township.

Map of JEDD Area
The JEDD area consists of a mixed use development, known as Grays Point at Blacklick Station, parcel number 170-000208, totaling approximately 13.3 acres. The 2.5% earnings tax is applicable to those that live, work and produce business profits in the JEDD area. It is limited to only the buildings located within the Gray's Point development. Click here to view a map of the JEDD boundaries. The City of Whitehall levies the tax on behalf of the Jefferson Township-Whitehall JEDD.

Shared Benefits

The Jefferson Township-Whitehall JEDD was created by the City and Jefferson Township, at the request of the the land owner/developer of the project in order extend investment into Jefferson Township and the Blacklick Station area. Gray’s Point at Blacklick Station is a mixed-use development that will include 48 residential units above 32,200 square feet of commercial space fronting RNA, as well as public parking and 168 residential units behind the commercial space. We believe that this will spur similar commercial development in the area to create an improved sense of place within the area that many call “Old Blacklick.”

Contact Us
If you have general questions about the JEDD, please contact Mike Anderson, Jefferson Township Development Director at 614-304-0135. If you have more detailed questions about account set-up or monthly/quarterly forms, please contact Dan Miller, Auditor of Public Accounts for the City of Whitehall at 614-237-9803.

JEDD Forms
The City of Whitehall levies the tax on behalf of the Jefferson Township-Whitehall JEDD. The JEDD Business Registration Form, and monthly, semi-monthly, and quarterly withholding forms are located on the City of Whitehall's website.

Contact Information

Economic development inquiries and general questions about the Jefferson Township-Whitehall JEDD:
Mike Anderson
Development Director
(614) 304-0135

Specific questions about remitting income tax to the City of Whitehall:
Dan Miller 
Auditor of Public Accounts for the City of Whitehall