Law Enforcement in Jefferson Township

About the Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Law Enforcement in Jefferson Township is provided by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. It is the mission of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Franklin County, to preserve the peace, and to prevent crime and disorder while constantly guarding personal liberties as prescribed by law. 


Programs and Services
See below to learn more about programs and services offered by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Crime Reports
The Franklin County Sheriff's Office shares their data with RAIDS Online, enabling you to search crime reports near your home or business. 


Safety Services from FCSO

Vacation Home Watch from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Going on a vacation? Jefferson Township residents can call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Records Bureau at 614-525-3364 to schedule random checks of your home. Each check is logged. Tip: if you return home earlier than planned, give them a call so that you aren't mistaken for an intruder!

Franklin County Sheriff’s Community Training Programs
The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office offers several great training programs for members of the community, including disaster preparedness, self-defense, gang awareness,and drug education. Here are just a few, check out sheriff.franklincountyohio.gov/programs to learn more about what programs are offered and how to apply.

The mission of the Franklin County Sheriff's Citizens Academy is to build a stronger relationship with the community it serves; expose citizens to some of the training a deputy sheriff receives; give citizens a better understanding of our values, organization, and operations is our goal; and to promote cooperation and support for the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and reduce crime through community involvement.
The Rape Aggression Defense System (RAD) is a 12 hour comprehensive female-only course with a focus on awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance. The R.A.D. program will meet the needs of women to acquire self-defense education in a relatively short period of time, all R.AD. Instructors are nationally certified. The R.A.D. system is the only self-defense program ever endorsed by The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA).
The Franklin County Sheriff's Office TRIAD/SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) program is a program designed to bridge the gap between senior citizens and law enforcement. Seniors and law enforcement working together to address issues and concerns that involve crime prevention and safety issues in regards to our growing population of seniors. The ultimate goal of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office is to make seniors more aware of the crimes that they could become victims of due to the high level of trust they have for anyone they may meet in the public.
The Public Safety Support Citizen Academy offers opportunity in character building, leadership, homeland security, police and fire response, emergent response and preparedness. Youth, ages 14 to 21 will be exposed to a range of public safety career options while gaining practical "hands-on" experience upon graduation from the eight-week training program. Completion of training will prepare participants to provide support to public safety forces during disasters as well as volunteer during special and routine events.

Sheriff's Office Contacts

(614) 525-3333

Community Relations
(614) 525-4507
Supervisor: Sgt. Samuel Byrd

Traffic Bureau
(614) 525-6113
Supervisor: Sgt. Scott Downing

Environment Enforcement
Environmental Enforcement Hotline (614) 871-5322

Special Duty
(614) 525-5335