Jefferson Water and Sewer District

The Jefferson Water and Sewer District is a regional water and sewer district chartered under section 6119 of the Ohio Revised Code. JWSD was created and established in 1987 to provide and control centralized water and sewer services to areas within the same Township boundaries that were confirmed as of the end of this same year. Since its inception, JWSD has strived and consistently progressed in meeting its two main objectives: 


  • To provide adequate water services for Jefferson Township 
  • Remain a local government agency where active residents make a difference  
Visit the Jefferson Water and Sewer District's WEBSITE to learn more, pay your bill online or set up new water/sewer service.


Contact Information

Phone: (614) 864-0740
Fax: (614) 864-9192
Emergencies, call (614) 864-0740 ext. 207