Community Core Values

  • To build upon and retain the "green community" character that makes Jefferson Township an exceptional community within central Ohio
  • To adhere to the following principles
    • Protect and nurture the township's exceptional natural landscape
    • Prevent inappropriately located, poorly planned and/or extremely high density development because of its negative impact on Jefferson Township's rural beauty, natural resources, infrastructure, and "green community" character.
    • Identify areas where growth is likely and provide the means to accommodate that growth in ways that do not diminish the "green community" character of the township.
    • Promote and enhance the township's economic viability.
  • To protect, promote and preserve the abilities and activities of the Jefferson Water and Sewer District, financially and otherwise, because of its integral and vital role in ensuring that the Township is and will continue to be a sustainable "green community" with the desired community character.
  • To continue to make sure that this community is a visioning and a planning community, which (through a consensus of its leaders and residents) understands, embraces, and uses innovative land use and preservation concepts, such as performance zoning, to retain the desired character of the township.
  • To safeguard the township's significant special resources, such as scenic streams, farmland, rural streetscapes, healthy business community, and unique residential opportunities, along with its cultural and historical heritage.
  • To build relationships with neighboring communities by recognizing and building on mutual goals. 
  • To become a sustainable community, with resources sufficient to achieve the community's goals.