Historical Cemeteries in Jefferson Township

Ayers Cemetery
Located at 2591 Darling Road, about a quarter mile north of Havens Road.
Ayers Cemetery was established circa 1820. The original U.S. land grant was to Jonathon Dayton on March 12, 1800. The tract was then conveyed to E.D. Edgar in 1819. The total acreage of the cemetery is 0.19 acre.

Dague Cemetery
Located at 4758 Johnstown Road (U.S. 62), just south of Morse Road.
Dague Cemetery was established in 1822 and is the result of a conveyance from Mathias Dague to John Dague on January 16, 1822. The total acreage of the cemetery is 0.23 acre.

Havens Cemetery (a.k.a. Edgar Cemetery)
Located on the east side of Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road, about a quarter mile south of Havens Corners Road.
Havens-Edgar Cemetery was established circa 1850. Originally part of the U.S. military lands, it became the property of John Havens in 1846. The total acreage of the cemetery is 0.61 acre.

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