Snow Removal

The Jefferson Township Service Crew is responsible for clearing over 51 miles of road. This includes the main thoroughfares of Havens, Headley, Kennedy, Mann, McOwen, Shull and portions of Dixon; as well as all subdivision roads in the unincorporated area. Clark State, Havens Corners, Morse, Kitzmiller, Reynoldsburg-New Albany, Taylor, Taylor Station, and Waggoner roads are the responsibility of the Franklin County Engineer. During heavy snowfalls, our crew members often work 12 hour shifts to ensure the safety of motorists. Plowing is a difficult and exhausting job that requires a lot of concentration, please be helpful to our crew by remembering the following during any snow event in Jefferson Township:

  • Do NOT shovel or blow snow into the roadways, please move snow to the sides of your driveway or into your yard.
  • During snow events, residents are asked to use off street parking. If possible, do not park on the street until it is cleared. 
  • For your safety and the safety of the snow plow drivers, give them plenty of room to make wide turns, keep a safe distance behind the plows and do not attempt to pass the truck. Remember that snow plows must maintain a certain (often slow) speed for the plows to be effective.
  • On trash and recycling collection days, place your trash and recycle carts at the edge of your drive, NOT in the street.
  • Residents and business owners who have fire hydrants in front of their homes, or in the parking lot of their buildings, can assist by clearing snow from the areas surrounding them.
  • Residents who have stormwater drains in front of their homes can help by keeping ice and snow away from the openings, so the water from the melting ice and snow can drain freely.
  • Inspect, replace and/or repair your mailbox before the snow season so it is sturdy enough to withstand the sludge, etc. thrown by the plow. The township only repairs mailboxes that are directly hit by the snow plow. The township does not repair mailboxes that are damaged by snow thrown from the snow plow or mailboxes that lean out over the curb.
  • Please be patient when waiting for your road to be cleared. Prolonged snow falls may require our crew to return to major roads for a "second pass" before finishing secondary streets. 

Mailbox Repair or Replacement

Procedure for consideration of a request for repair or replacement of a damaged mailbox:

  1. Report damaged mailboxes in a timely manner to the Service Superintendent by calling (614) 861-2440 or by email at jgerhart@jeffersontownship.org
  2. Once the request has been made, a representative of the Service Department will inspect the mailbox.
  3. If the Service Superintendent determines that the damage was the result of the Township’s operations involving direct contact with a Township vehicle, the mailbox will be repaired or replaced by the Township.
  4.  If the Service Superintendent determines that the facts do not clearly indicate the damage was the result of direct contact with a Township vehicle, no further action will be taken and the repair/replacement shall be the responsibility of the property owner(s). 

Contact Information

Joe Gerhart
Service Superintendent

Franklin County Engineer
24-Hour Road and Bridge Maintenance