Jefferson Township Zoning Resolution

The preface is provided to give a measure of guidance in the understanding, application, and administration of the Zoning Resolution by setting forth the purpose and nature of zoning, and the organization of the Zoning Resolution.  

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Authority and purpose for zoning resolution, interpretation, separability clause, scope and application of zoning resolution.

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Zoning district map, designation of zoning districts, and interpretation of zoning district boundaries.

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Intent, non-conforming lots of record, non-conforming structures and development, non-conforming uses, and repairs and maintenance.

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Rules and regulations pertaining to the use of land and/or structures in standard zoning districts.

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Procedures and regulations for the adoption of planned development districts.

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Districts providing for use or development of land for certain purposes or under certain conditions.

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Standards pertaining generally and uniformly to the arrangement and development of land and structures within the zoning districts.

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The Zoning Resolution shall be administered and enforced by the Zoning Administrator / Inspector or his or her designated representative who shall be appointed by the Township Trustees.

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Creation of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

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Except where specifically defined herein, all words in the Zoning Resolution shall carry their customary meanings. 

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Charles McCroskey
Zoning Administrator/Inspector

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Zoning Administrative Assistant

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